personal finance is more personal than it is finance

Every financial decision sends ripples through our lives, and most of the choices we make in life have financial implications. That's why we need Financial Life Planning.

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Because every good financial plan is a financial life plan.

Tim Maurer, CFP®, RLP®

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Over the first five years of my career in the financial industry, I was struck with how ineffective the financial planning process was. The industry was speaking one language and its clients were speaking another.

That's why I've spent the past 20 years looking for more effective ways to learn and to teach sound financial decision-making. I've learned that personal finance is more personal than finance--a scientific fact proven by the fields of behavioral economics, finance, and science.

Therefore, I spend my time proportionately, at the intersection of money and life.

I do this as:

And then I send you the best of what I'm learning and teaching in the Financial Life Planning weekly letter.

The problem with so much personal finance advice is that it’s unnecessarily complicated, often with the goal of selling you things you don’t need. Tim Maurer never plays that game. His straightforward, candid and yes — simple — prescriptions are always right on target.

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